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Our mission is to be the catalyst for promoting meaningful exchange between Canadian and Singaporean business communities. Our purpose is to develop an environment that fosters commerce, facilitates investment and focuses on economic relations between Singapore and Canada. We strive to best promote the interests of our members and convey their views to decision-makers in industry and in government. Accordingly, our pledge is to work tirelessly to create the opportunities that can add real value to our membership through our extensive program of seminars and events. Our members include anyone interested in making business contacts and developing business opportunities between Singapore and Canada. Open to both Canadians and non-Canadians, our members represent businesses of every size and across the widest spectrum of activities, from large multinational corporations to small, independent businesses. Information is the key to the success of any business. The Canada-Singapore Business Association can play a vital role in your access to information by putting you in touch with other like-minded business people. Through its affiliation with other Canadian business associations and chambers in Asia, CSBA also provides access many contacts in the region. Association Benefits and Activities CSBA presents and organizes a variety of activities that allow our members to broaden their business contacts, promote their companies and learn more about issues that affect their businesses. Members realize real benefits through their participation in our extensive programs:

• Networking opportunities with business people from Canada, Singapore and other countries in the region.

• Opportunity to participate in committees and working groups responding to issues affecting you and your business.

• Make your voice heard as part of an influ-ential business organization that takes your message and concerns directly to policy makers.

• Opportunity to attend our prestigious events such as seminars, formal lunch and casual mixers.

• Industry specific events that target like-minded individuals and provide an opportunity to share and discuss the latest information and trends related to their business environment.

• Opportunity to promote and market your products, services and company through the directory, Web site and on-going program of events.

Brian M. Cole is the President of the Canada-Singapore Business Association, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

He may be reached at:

1900-1040 West Georgia Street, British Columbia, Canada. V6E 4H3


Email: colebm@telus.net

Web site www.csba.ca

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